Introducing Forumia: My PHP Summer Project

Forumia is an exciting open-source forum software currently in development as part of my summer project. Built using PHP and harnessing the capabilities of Composer and Twig templates, Forumia represents a significant milestone in my journey as a fullstack developer.

Through Forumia, I am expanding my skills and exploring the vast potential of web development. This project serves as a platform for me to enhance my knowledge of PHP, leverage Composer's powerful package management, and create visually stunning designs with Twig templates.

My Backend Journey: From JavaScript to PHP and Laravel

Since my last article, I have completed my backend classes where I learned a lot about JavaScript and worked with frameworks like Express. On my own time, I also dived deeper into PHP and gained a better understanding of using PDO for database interactions. Additionally, I started learning Laravel, a popular PHP framework, and found it to be a powerful tool for building web applications.

Aside from these technical skills, I also learned the importance of working in a team and communicating effectively with others. However, I also realized that I work well independently and am capable of handling tasks on my own.

Furthermore, I gained a good knowledge of MySQL and MongoDB, which allowed me to build efficient database structures and optimize queries for better performance.

Until next time 😊